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Phillip Andrew

Phillip Andrew Lunar Wolf Ranger
wild force power rangers at RisuCon

Phillip's Story

Phillip Andrew gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Merrick Baliton in the popular TV series Power Rangers Wild Force. Initially introduced as the menacing Duke Org Zen Aku, his character underwent a significant transformation upon being liberated from the cursed wolf mask, evolving into the esteemed Legendary Lunar Wolf Power Ranger. As a vital member of the ranger team, he played a pivotal role in combating the orgs alongside his comrades. Renowned for his captivating performance, Phillip Andrew has garnered a devoted following within the fandom, solidifying his status as one of the franchise's most beloved 6th rangers.

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Phillip is pre-selling his autograph/selfie at his table at a $5 discount if purchased online by August 10. You can also purchase your PHOTO-OP ticket with Phillip online before they sell out.  The POWER RANGERS TEAM Photo-op with both Phillip Andrew AND Campbell Cooley is also available for purchase. It is unlikely that any photo-op tickets will be available the day of the convention.

* All of RiuCon's talent appears according to our talent disclaimer found HERE.

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