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RisuCon Talent Disclaimer

Risucon’s Talent Disclaimer


Please read. This applies to all announced guests to RisuCon.


  1. RisuCon contracts with guests/talent to appear at RisuCon. These contracts contain a stipulation that the guest/talent may be called by a studio for a new project, or for re-dubbing of an existing/ongoing project. Studio contracts outweigh and override our contract with guests/talent. If the guest/talent is contacted by a work obligation, they may not attend RisuCon, even though they have signed a contract with us.

  2. RisuCon wants everyone to be safe and healthy. Guests/talent who currently have Covid-19 and are possibly contagious will be asked not to attend RisuCon. Face Masking in these cases is not enough.

  3. RisuCon does not advertise the appearance of guests/talent without a signed contract in place for that person to appear.

  4. Because guests/talent may have to break their contract with RisuCon for the above stated reasons, you should not attend RisuCon based on the appearance of one guest. RisuCon strives to be a well-rounded event where many genres and themes are represented. You should choose to come for the entire event, not for the appearance of just one person. RisuCon does not offer refunds to the event because a guest/talent cannot attend.

  5. Guests/talent at RisuCon who are signing autographs usually do so at their table. They may or may not post a schedule of when they will be signing. They have other things to do such as photo-ops, panels, Q&A sessions, and they take breaks. If you want an autograph with a guest/talent, it is your responsibility to be at their table when they are signing. Your attendance at RisuCon does not guarantee you an autograph/photo with a guest/talent.

  6. Most guests/talent at RisuCon charge for autographs and/or photos. The amount charged is set by the guest/talent, not RisuCon. RisuCon encourages guests/talent to charge a reasonable fee for their autograph/photo, but does not set or mandate pricing. Your paid entry into RisuCon does not include any autographs/photos, they are an additional charge between you and the guest/talent.

  7. Times for Photo-op opportunities will be announced as soon as possible. The times for these may be extremely limited each day. It is your responsibility to be in line at the announced time if you have purchased a photo-op. Your opportunity for the photo-op does not include a chance to ask for an autograph, make presentations, or ask questions of the guest/talent. If you use your photo-op time allowance for a purpose other than the photo, you may lose your opportunity for the photo itself. Photo-ops are non-refundable if you fail to be in line at the announced time, or if you use your allotted time for a purpose other than a photo, or if you violate any of the event policies. If you miss your photo-op, the price will not be refunded. The photographer and guest/talent has already been paid for your participation.

  8. The purchase price of pre-paid photo-ops and/or autographs will be refunded, in full, if a guest/talent does not appear at RisuCon.

  9. RisuCon does not warrant the quality or content of autographs or photographs obtained at RisuCon. The guest/talent’s willingness to personalize, provide a quote, or a message is solely in their discretion. You should be clear when approaching the guest/talent (or their helper) of what you do or do not want. Sometimes a guest/talent will add a message or quote to their autograph unannounced. Watch the people in front of you in line to see what a particular guest/talent is doing when signing an item. We cannot replace/refund/compensate you if you are unhappy with your autograph/photo-op experience for any reason. 

  10. RisuCon does not guarantee the appearance of any guest/talent it has contracted with, nor does it guarantee that you will have a seat in the theater where the guest/talent appears, nor does RisuCon guarantee an autograph or photo with guests/talent. Many of these things are incumbent upon you, the attendee, to know the guest/talent’s schedule and be in the proper place at the announced time.

  11. The RisuCon website will announce if the guest/talent is appearing for the entire event, or only on particular days and times of the event. It is your responsibility to attend RisuCon on a day that the guest/talent you wish to see/get an autograph from is announced. RisuCon will not issue a refund because you attended on the wrong day.


This disclaimer may change from time to time, based on guests/talent requirements and additional event activities. It is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understand the most current disclaimer. Please check this disclaimer from time to time. This copy of the disclaimer was posted Dec. 25, 2023.

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