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Superhero Support, a non-profit organization bringing the power of costumed heroes to good causes, and the Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club, a non-profit group celebrating comics, anime, and cosplay, are thrilled to announce their 2024 charitable giving campaign!

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Prune Belly Syndrome

This year, the collaboration between these two non-profit organizations aims to raise critical funds for Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS) research. From today until September 1st, 2024, all donations made to Superhero Support will be directed towards supporting vital PBS research efforts.


Prune Belly Syndrome is a rare congenital disorder primarily affecting the abdominal muscles. This partnership between Superhero Support and Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club signifies a powerful union between fantasy and reality, with superheroes lending their strength to support those living with PBS.


"We at Superhero Support are incredibly proud to partner with Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club at RisuCon2024 for such a worthy cause," said Johanna Flores, spokesperson for Superhero Support. "PBS is a serious condition, and by joining forces, we can significantly impact funding vital research. Together, we can be the heroes that the PBS community needs."

The Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club runs RisuCon each year as a non-profit event. Unlike other big conventions that make a profit and pay salaries, all of our people are volunteers. RisuCon is proud to be a giving partner in fighting PBS. A portion of everyone's dues (admission tickets) for RisuCon 2024 will go towards PBS research. 

Help us fight PBS today by making a donation

Visit Stanford Medicine Children's Health to learn more about Prune Belly Syndrome

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