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Chris Flick

Chris Flick comic.jpg

Chris' Story

Chris is a professional illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist and UI/UX web and graphic designer working in the Washington, DC area.

In 2007, he created the webcomic Capes & Babes featuring Roy the Werewolf. You can read all 1,200+ strips at Chris has also collected those 12 years of strips into five trade paperback books and created three all ages coloring books on

Chris attends several conventions throughout the year where he primarily draws caricatures of people as werewolves and other monsters, sells mash-up posters, coloring books, stickers and so much more. He also recently published a guide to tabling at conventions called "Conventional Wisdom."

If you are into podcasts, you can also listen to him on the brand new Nerd Salad podcast wherever you download your podcasts from.

Find, follow and friend Chris on facebook: @ChrisFlickArt

Twitter (@capesnbabes)
Instagram (@ChrisFlickArt)
YouTube (@Chris Flick)

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