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Campbell Cooley

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Campbell's Story

Campbell Cooley is a veteran voice actor for the Power Rangers franchise. Since 2005, he has voiced more characters and villains than anyone in the show’s history. He started his journey with Power Rangers S.P.D. and has worked on every season until the finale of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.

You might recognize him as ‘Alpha 6’ in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, ‘Snide’ in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, as well as ‘Slyther’ and ‘Scrozzle’ in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. He also physically portrayed two of the human versions of ‘Slyther’ in Dino Fury and Cosmic Fury.

Beyond Power Rangers, Campbell has lent his voice to several legendary anime including One Piece and Overlord.

In addition to bringing characters to life with his voice, he has also acted in film and television for over 25 years; working on such shows as Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules, Legend of the Seeker, and many more.

Twitter (@CampbellCooley)
Instagram (@realcampbellcooley)

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