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D I S C O S !

cosplay dancers

Join your fellow cosplayers at the very first ever DISCOS! The Cosplay Dance Party.

Disco + Cosplay = DISCOS!

Only RisuCon has DISCOS!

cosplay dancers
cosplay dancer

** DISCOS is a cosplay dance party where you get to show off your cosplay and have a great time dancing and socializing with your fellow RisuCon attendees.

** All Saturday, Weekend, and VIP Weekend attendees have access to DISCOS (Sunday only attendees do not). 

** DISCOS will have a DJ playing popular dance music as well as theme songs from your favorite anime shows.

** Everyone attending DISCOS will receive a number and a ballot. During the night, you will write down the numbers of the DISCOS attendees for various categories. YOU choose the winners! At the end of DISCOS, we will announce the winners. Some of the categories are: best cosplay, best dancer, best couple, best team choreography, etc. 

** DISCOS is open to 200 attendees at any one time (because of room size), so it is on a first-come, first-enter basis. If we reach 200 persons, you will need to wait for people to leave before you can enter. We can't guarantee everyone will get into DISCOS, so come early!

** DISCOS is 6:15pm to 9pm Saturday August 17 in Brookside (the main event room across from registration)

** VIP Weekend badge holders can line up early and get into DISCOS at 6pm.

** DISCOS is an all-ages event. Your cosplay should not exceed "PG-13" standards as defined in our policies.

** Persons violating our policies will be removed from DISCOS.

cosplay anime dancer
anime dancers
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