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Kent Williams


Kent's Story

Kent has a host of voice acting credits in over 200 video game and anime titles. Some of Kent's most notable roles are, Dr. Gero, Tao, Supreme Kai, Kibito Kai, and Elder Kai as seen on DBZ, Blue Ogre (Jorge Sao Tome) and Chuu on Yu Yu Hakusho, Hatori Soma on Fruits Basket, Mr. Compress on My Hero Academia, Sid on Soul Eater, Father on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ghira on RWBY, Surge on Red vs. Blue, Mao on Darker Than Black, Captain Kuro, Shura and Clover on One Piece, Judge on Ace Attorney, Jura on Fairy Tale, Deus ex Machina on Future Diary and Byakuya on Dr. Stone.

Twitter (@kentwilliamsva)
Instagram (@kabukimankent)

Kent is pre-selling his autograph/selfie at his table at a $5 discount if purchased online by August 10. You can also purchase your PHOTO-OP ticket with Kent online before they sell out.  The ANIME OVERLOAD Photo-op with BOTH Kent Williams AND Chris Cason is also available for purchase. It is unlikely that any photo-op tickets will be available the day of the convention.

* All of RiuCon's talent appears according to our talent disclaimer found HERE.

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